Top Slitter Knives

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Application :

For slitting paper

Machine :

Standard and custom knives are available for Beck, Bielomatik, Clark Aiken, Datm, Didde, ECH Will, Harris, Hamblett, Jagenberg, Langston, Lenox, Maxson, Miltex, Masson Scott, Pasaban and many others.

Material Grades :

52100, D3, D2, M2, ASP 2023, CPM10V

Characteristics :

  • Available in all types, shapes, sizes for all types of slitting operations.
  • Highly polished, super honed, precision cutting edges.
  • High speed, clean and dust free slitting.
  • Precision tolerances ensures longer life.
  • Engineered for trouble free slitting.
  • Most popular sizes available in stock.

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